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Attorney for Students

Welcome to the Attorney for Students!

The Attorney for Students (AFS) Office offers legal services to all currently enrolled Texas State University students.

AFS serves students by providing them with critical legal counsel, limited scope representation, and practical education concerning their legal rights and responsibilities. By providing legal service's AFS supports student retention by improving students' ability to focus on their education. AFS is supported by student service fees. There is NO additional cost for legal services. All case information is protected by attorney-client privilege and is treated confidentially by all AFS staff.

DISCLAIMER: Students should seek the advice of our licensed attorneys regarding specific legal problems. Slight variations in facts and circumstances may make an enormous difference in the legal advice that an attorney will render. The information and links contained on this website are intended as general material that may help gain a general understanding of the law in certain areas or used as a resource. The information on this website does not constitute legal advice. Students should seek verification and clarification of all information on this website through our office. By maintaining this website, the Attorney for Students office is not forming any attorney-client relationships. Some of the information on this site should not be relied upon as law in any other state. As the laws are in constant transition, AFS does not warrant that all material on this site, or those sites herein linked, are up to date and entirely accurate.

This website contains links to other resources on the Internet. The links are provided as aids to help our students identify and locate internet resources that may be of interest and are not intended to imply that we sponsor, are affiliated, or otherwise associated with the website's creators. AFS is not responsible for the content or validity of the information found on any websites herein linked. You further acknowledge that nothing in this Web site is intended to nor constitutes the practice of law or giving of legal advice.