• About the Office

    • The Attorney for Students Office (AFS) offers legal services to all currently enrolled Texas State University students. Having access to a lawyer is a good thing, and not just for students who "get in trouble".  AFS offers legal advice in many areas of the law - from reviewing leases, to navigating the criminal justice system, to advising students interested in setting up their own businesses, to guiding students on immigration issues. 

      In addition to providing individual consultations, attorneys are available as speakers by request, and can provide legal presentations to recognized student organizations, classes, and academic programs / departments on a wide variety of legal topics. 

      Please note: AFS provides limited scope representation, but does not provide in-court representation and cannot make court appearances or attend immigration interviews on behalf of students.

    • Currently enrolled Texas State University students are eligible to use services provided through AFS. Students are currently “enrolled” when they are actively attending classes. AFS staff are not required to render legal services to persons other than students currently enrolled at the university. AFS staff may, within their discretion and as time allows when requested, render legal advice to students no longer enrolled if it is a legal matter previously counseled on. 

    • No. There is NO additional cost charged by AFS for legal services. Services provided by AFS are covered through student services fees, so all legal services, consultations, and presentations are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to students.

    • Yes. An attorney is sworn to preserve the confidences of all clients. Case information will not be released to other university staff or third parties without your prior authorization, per the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorney-client privilege applies to all case-related communications between students and AFS attorneys (including office administrative assistants, student workers, and interns under the supervision of the Attorney for Students). Your privacy will be respected and maintained at all times.

    • Call or email AFS to schedule an appointment with an attorney. Please be prepared to provide the staff member who receives your call with your Student ID number, legal question, and any additional information/documentation for your case to help us match you with the appropriate attorney. 

    • Prior to your appointment, please email all documents for your case to LegalHelp@txstate.edu.

      IMPORTANT: In the subject line of any emails sent to AFS regarding your case, please type "Attorney-Client Privileged," especially when sending confidential information and documents.

      Please provide us with any documents related to your legal issue, such as:

      • apartment lease contract with all addenda
      • insurance policy and information for claims
      • traffic tickets
      • criminal citations
      • letters from creditors
      • credit reports
      • employment contracts, handbooks, or policies
      • immigration-related documents or notices
      • copies of emails
      • court documents
      • court appearance notices
      • police reports
    • No, but AFS can help point you in the right direction by providing general resources and external referrals to assist you in addressing whatever issue you might have.

    • Yes, absolutely. AFS has built strong ties to the community and solid partnerships within Texas State University. If AFS cannot directly assist with your issue, AFS will help you find someone who can.

    • Since 1974! The Attorney for Students Office has a long history with the students of Texas State University, and is committed to providing students with high quality legal services.

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